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Dec 222017

Hello everyone.

I would first off like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

I hope you and your loved ones make lots of beautiful memories.


I would like to share with you a short story on an encounter with a gentleman when I was at a customers home painting.

I was painting the front window platform when I see this really big family van with a huge trailer on the back pull up.

First thing I thought was it was a weird looking moving van or a new type of party truck.

NOPE, I saw roughly 10 big rough looking guys come out with tool bags, steel toe boots, hard hats and the whole 9 yards.

I thought for a moment it was for some kind of movie production or something, but as they were grabbing some cement bags and other material from that trailer they were towing, I knew it was a legit hardcore construction company that meant business!

They all went to the back of the house and into the downstairs basement.

Nosy me I HAD TO LOOK at what the HECK was going on!

The owner and the crew were talking about the details of what they were going to do.

I go back up and continue my painting still thinking how funny it was to see a flood of big men in a van just jumping out with the construction gear like they were going to war with a tornado, lol.

Within ten minutes I hear a BANG BANG CRASH CRACKLE BOOM BANG. I almost had a HEART ATTACK!

I ran downstairs quickly thinking a bomb went off or something only to see a HUGE cloud of dust and all these guys just SLAMMING away at the brick walls, wood, doors, and EVERYTHING that was in front of them.

I QUICKLY RAN up the stairs and asked the owner what's happening!!!! I mean it felt like the whole HOUSE was shaking!!!

She told me that she needed a basement reno done and it had to be done within one week tops as she is selling the house and she is on a very tight budget and a very tight deadline.

I understood and for the rest of the day while continuing the painting of the kitchen walls and all that fun stuff.

I left a few hours later as I had run out of paint and I was already their 10 hours, so I decided to come back the next day. When I left the construction crew was still there swinging their hammers and just tearing down the basement.


The next morning I came back bright and early and sipped on my big cup of Tim Hortons and enjoyed some of my bagels.

I decided to be nosy again and I went to the basement to see what's what...

I swear I almost dropped my coffee and bagel when I saw what I saw!!!

I saw a new wall frame put up, some drywall put up. The place was cleaned up of all the brick, wood and dirt. It looked like a half completed basement! (minus the appliances, paint and some drywall).

I again, went back to my painting job when without warning I heard a saw, grinder, drills and other hand tools below my feet in the basement.

Roughly 8 hours later I hear them walking out their door and driving off with all their tools in hand.

The owner of the company HandymanOnDemand stayed behind and spoke to the owner. I was able to sneak in and introduce myself. The owner of HandymanOnDemand.ca , the owner of the house and I spoke for a while about work, life, etc... 

At first, I thought they were done for the day, but again I sneaked downstairs and saw a COMPLETELY new basement with paint, drywall, appliances in place and hooked up and the whole 9 yards!


Now, I've been a handyman for over 25 years. I have seen the best of the best handymen and the worst of the worst. These people were amazing.


I never go around telling people about other companies in the same field as me, but after seeing this I just had to say that if you're on a tight deadline and need a bigger job, then these people are the ones to speak to.

I can do a basement reno, but I definitely can't do it in two days.

Thank you for reading what I wanted to share and I hope you and your family a Merry Christmas.

- Chris.





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