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Dryer maintenance - TWO easy steps to keep your dryer safe and operational

Oct 312016

Tip of the day...... ( Dryer Maintenance )

Did you know your dryer can STILL last over thirty years like they use too if you maintain it with these 2 steps?

( PLEASE disconnect power to unit and wear gloves while performing these steps )

1. Your dryer drum rotates on wheels also known as bearings. They need to be lubricated and cleaned every six months. With the dust that accumulates around the moving components it's quite important to clean off the dust and apply a fresh coat of oil to all moving components *motor, bearings, etc*. If you do a maintenance on your dryer every six months you can save a LOT of hydro money as a dryer "electric dryer" runs on 240 Volts. Your clothes will come out nice and dry. Your hydro bill will decrease AND your dryer will last YEARS longer too!

2. Your air flow is VERY important to make your clothes dry and keep the tension down on the unit. Unplug your dryer before you clean it. Start by disconnecting your vent and getting as much lint out. This will help the unit quite a bit on it's own. You need to clean out all areas within the unit. This is the main reason for dryer fires. Dust will build up and the wind flowing through your unit will push the dust into the heating coil. This can cause the dust to catch fire and easily turn your unit into a blazing fire bomb. I work on dryers on a daily base and can see why dryer fires are the leading cause of home fires.

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