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Bathtub Disaster To Shiny, Safe & Clean

Nov 212016

Hello again.

I received a call from a new home owner. They purchased a *Fixer-uper* to try and save money.

It needed a lot of work and they they thought they could fix it up themselves. 

Little as they knew they bit off a much bigger job than they could swallow.

The husband electrocuted himself trying to change a power outlet and the wife accidentally spilled pain all over the floor.

They didn't have much money, so after calling some people they reached me. 

They gave me the list of tasks they had SO FAR... They said the list was not even half way done yet...

1. The back yard shed was about to fall down and smelled like animals...

2. Every room needed a good paint job and the holes in the walls needed patching.

3. The rug needed to be steamed and the wood floors needed to be varnished

4. Some lights would not work, some plugs had no power and they wanted some switched replaced.

5. The toilet would not flush unless you take the lid off and pull on the chain.

6. The back tub was DISGUSTING. This was the first thing they wanted fixed as they need to take a shower and use the washroom.


They needed someone there RIGHT AWAY. They called many people, but some didn't get back to them or they would take a week to take on the job.


As I saw it was an emergency and a functional clean shower is essential to everyone I told them I would come and fix the toilet of course. 

I arrived at their home in roughly two hours. I spent two hours cleaning and repairing the seal of the bathtub. I also disenfected the bathtub and toilet. 

When I was done they were very happy and were excited to be able to use the washroom. 

I only charged them 200.00 and that was including the cleaning supplies and bathtub silicone. 

They will hire me to finish the TO-DO list. It will take a few months they said, but together we will tackle the chores and make their new home a nice one.

Below is a picture of the bathtub I worked on.




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