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You Forgot To Do A Furnace TuneUP? You'll Pay More For Gas, Electricity & Possible Furnace Damage

Jan 112017

Hello my fellow Torontonians.

I hope everyone is keeping warm this cold, slushy, wet, windy winter. :)

I have been having quite a few furnace repairs the last few days. I noticed they all had one thing in common. Not ONE of them had their furnace tuned up for the winter.

The first repair I had a few days ago had a problem with the flame sensor. This means that the flame would turn on for a few seconds, then turn off. I was there for an hour and charged 180.00 . I had to clean the unit and replace the flame sensor. LUCKILY nothing else broke due to the poor maintenance of the furnace. 

I lubricated the fan and all moving components. I then gave it a good cleaning and tuneup.

If they would of done a maintenance on it's own they would save money on electricity, gas and definitely would of prevented this issue of being with no heat for a couple of hours.

The second customer didn't change the filter for 6 months causing such strain on the motor that it burnt out. This cost them a few hundred dollars for a new motor plus labor. I gave them a very good deal on labor as they were the son of one of my regular customers.

The third customer had a issue with a pressure switch. It was full of dirt and could not close properly. This cost a couple hundred as the pressure switch can not be cleaned due to it not being able to be opened as it's melted together.

A proper maintenance package on a furnace is usually only 99.95 with us. We can catch anything that's going bad on the furnace and sometimes even fix it on the spot with just some tools at little to no extra charge while were their. 



I have to admit... I am really bad with getting the oil changed in my truck. I always wait MONTHS after the due date. It's a risk because I know I'm damaging my truck, but for some reason it's just habit.

It's the same thing with a furnace. You have gears, a couple of motors, gas lines, switches, electronic components and other important parts. You can get away with it for so long, but when something goes it's usually going to cost you the same if not more than just having your furnace properly maintained. 

- I know everyone works and has little to no time to deal with maintaining their furnace, but for a limited time I'll waive any after hour premium charges. This will save you quite a bit of money and as always I'm usually at your home within an hour. 

This means that if you need your furnace tuned up to help prevent any breakage and to save you gas and electricity I'm going to keep the cost at only 99.95 even if you need us after work in the "after hours". 


Call us anytime at (647) 720 - 1939 


Kindest Regards,

  Chris - HandymanJACK.ca

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