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Dec 222017

Hello everyone.

I would first off like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

I hope you and your loved ones make lots of beautiful memories.


I would like to share with you a short story on an encounter with a gentleman when I was at a customers home painting.

I was painting the front window platform when I see this really big family van with a huge trailer on the back pull up.

First thing I thought was it was a weird looking moving van or a new type of party truck.

NOPE, I saw roughly 10 big rough looking guys come out with tool bags, steel toe boots, hard hats and the whole 9 yards.

I thought for a moment it was for some kind of movie production or something, but as they were grabbing some cement bags and other material from that trailer they were towing, I knew it was a legit hardcore construction company that meant business!

They all went to the back of the house and into the downstairs basement.

Nosy me I HAD TO LOOK at what the HECK was going on!

The owner and the crew were talking about the details of what they were going to do.

I go back up and continue my painting still thinking how funny it was to see a flood of big men in a van just jumping out with the construction gear like they were going to war with a tornado, lol.

Within ten minutes I hear a BANG BANG CRASH CRACKLE BOOM BANG. I almost had a HEART ATTACK!

I ran downstairs quickly thinking a bomb went off or something only to see a HUGE cloud of dust and all these guys just SLAMMING away at the brick walls, wood, doors, and EVERYTHING that was in front of them.

I QUICKLY RAN up the stairs and asked the owner what's happening!!!! I mean it felt like the whole HOUSE was shaking!!!

She told me that she needed a basement reno done and it had to be done within one week tops as she is selling the house and she is on a very tight budget and a very tight deadline.

I understood and for the rest of the day while continuing the painting of the kitchen walls and all that fun stuff.

I left a few hours later as I had run out of paint and I was already their 10 hours, so I decided to come back the next day. When I left the construction crew was still there swinging their hammers and just tearing down the basement.


The next morning I came back bright and early and sipped on my big cup of Tim Hortons and enjoyed some of my bagels.

I decided to be nosy again and I went to the basement to see what's what...

I swear I almost dropped my coffee and bagel when I saw what I saw!!!

I saw a new wall frame put up, some drywall put up. The place was cleaned up of all the brick, wood and dirt. It looked like a half completed basement! (minus the appliances, paint and some drywall).

I again, went back to my painting job when without warning I heard a saw, grinder, drills and other hand tools below my feet in the basement.

Roughly 8 hours later I hear them walking out their door and driving off with all their tools in hand.

The owner of the company HandymanOnDemand stayed behind and spoke to the owner. I was able to sneak in and introduce myself. The owner of HandymanOnDemand.ca , the owner of the house and I spoke for a while about work, life, etc... 

At first, I thought they were done for the day, but again I sneaked downstairs and saw a COMPLETELY new basement with paint, drywall, appliances in place and hooked up and the whole 9 yards!


Now, I've been a handyman for over 25 years. I have seen the best of the best handymen and the worst of the worst. These people were amazing.


I never go around telling people about other companies in the same field as me, but after seeing this I just had to say that if you're on a tight deadline and need a bigger job, then these people are the ones to speak to.

I can do a basement reno, but I definitely can't do it in two days.

Thank you for reading what I wanted to share and I hope you and your family a Merry Christmas.

- Chris.




You Forgot To Do A Furnace TuneUP? You'll Pay More For Gas, Electricity & Possible Furnace Damage

Jan 112017

Hello my fellow Torontonians.

I hope everyone is keeping warm this cold, slushy, wet, windy winter. :)

I have been having quite a few furnace repairs the last few days. I noticed they all had one thing in common. Not ONE of them had their furnace tuned up for the winter.

The first repair I had a few days ago had a problem with the flame sensor. This means that the flame would turn on for a few seconds, then turn off. I was there for an hour and charged 180.00 . I had to clean the unit and replace the flame sensor. LUCKILY nothing else broke due to the poor maintenance of the furnace. 

I lubricated the fan and all moving components. I then gave it a good cleaning and tuneup.

If they would of done a maintenance on it's own they would save money on electricity, gas and definitely would of prevented this issue of being with no heat for a couple of hours.

The second customer didn't change the filter for 6 months causing such strain on the motor that it burnt out. This cost them a few hundred dollars for a new motor plus labor. I gave them a very good deal on labor as they were the son of one of my regular customers.

The third customer had a issue with a pressure switch. It was full of dirt and could not close properly. This cost a couple hundred as the pressure switch can not be cleaned due to it not being able to be opened as it's melted together.

A proper maintenance package on a furnace is usually only 99.95 with us. We can catch anything that's going bad on the furnace and sometimes even fix it on the spot with just some tools at little to no extra charge while were their. 



I have to admit... I am really bad with getting the oil changed in my truck. I always wait MONTHS after the due date. It's a risk because I know I'm damaging my truck, but for some reason it's just habit.

It's the same thing with a furnace. You have gears, a couple of motors, gas lines, switches, electronic components and other important parts. You can get away with it for so long, but when something goes it's usually going to cost you the same if not more than just having your furnace properly maintained. 

- I know everyone works and has little to no time to deal with maintaining their furnace, but for a limited time I'll waive any after hour premium charges. This will save you quite a bit of money and as always I'm usually at your home within an hour. 

This means that if you need your furnace tuned up to help prevent any breakage and to save you gas and electricity I'm going to keep the cost at only 99.95 even if you need us after work in the "after hours". 


Call us anytime at (647) 720 - 1939 


Kindest Regards,

  Chris - HandymanJACK.ca

Bathtub Disaster To Shiny, Safe & Clean

Nov 212016

Hello again.

I received a call from a new home owner. They purchased a *Fixer-uper* to try and save money.

It needed a lot of work and they they thought they could fix it up themselves. 

Little as they knew they bit off a much bigger job than they could swallow.

The husband electrocuted himself trying to change a power outlet and the wife accidentally spilled pain all over the floor.

They didn't have much money, so after calling some people they reached me. 

They gave me the list of tasks they had SO FAR... They said the list was not even half way done yet...

1. The back yard shed was about to fall down and smelled like animals...

2. Every room needed a good paint job and the holes in the walls needed patching.

3. The rug needed to be steamed and the wood floors needed to be varnished

4. Some lights would not work, some plugs had no power and they wanted some switched replaced.

5. The toilet would not flush unless you take the lid off and pull on the chain.

6. The back tub was DISGUSTING. This was the first thing they wanted fixed as they need to take a shower and use the washroom.


They needed someone there RIGHT AWAY. They called many people, but some didn't get back to them or they would take a week to take on the job.


As I saw it was an emergency and a functional clean shower is essential to everyone I told them I would come and fix the toilet of course. 

I arrived at their home in roughly two hours. I spent two hours cleaning and repairing the seal of the bathtub. I also disenfected the bathtub and toilet. 

When I was done they were very happy and were excited to be able to use the washroom. 

I only charged them 200.00 and that was including the cleaning supplies and bathtub silicone. 

They will hire me to finish the TO-DO list. It will take a few months they said, but together we will tackle the chores and make their new home a nice one.

Below is a picture of the bathtub I worked on.





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